A Christmas Carol Charms the Crowd


Photo Credit: Mrs. Mackenzie

Megan Mackenzie, an actress in A Christmas Carol, shows off her star talent during the play.

Nick Cimino, Staff Writer

With the holiday season in full swing, people citywide are showing off their festive spirit through many fun activities, decorations, and music. One theatrical production in particular brings families closer together for the holiday season: A Christmas Carol.  

Meadow Brook Theatre celebrates the 34th anniversary performance of A Christmas Carol this year, and it has captivated audiences since its beginning. The play has performances scheduled through December 23.
The play, based off of the story written by Charles Dickens, dives into the life of Ebenezer Scrooge (played by Thomas D. Mahard) around Christmas time. A rich, greedy, and downright cruel man, Scrooge frustrates and upsets all of those around him, especially around this happiest holiday of the year.

One night, Jacob Marley (played by Mark Rademacher), Scrooge’s deceased business partner, comes to him as a ghost, and warns him of the three spirits – Christmas Past, Present, and Yet-to-Come (played by Sara Catheryn Wolf, Mark Rademacher, and Rusty Mewha respectively) who shall come to visit him in the future.

Soon after, the spirit of Christmas Past visits Scrooge, and takes him on a path down memory lane. Following this trip, Scrooge is visited by two more ghosts, who show him different perspectives of Christmas in the present and the future as time goes on. Towards the end of the story, Scrooge learns a heart-filled lesson that may just give him enough time to embrace the spirit of the holidays before it is too late.

“The plot of A Christmas Carol is very light-hearted but also teaches a valuable lesson around this time of year,” said sophomore Katie Miller.

A Christmas Carol production at Meadow Brook Theatre has a very talented cast and crew who possess the ability to make the magic happen on the stage. Megan Mackenzie, who plays a Londoner, a mourner, and a child in the Belle family, is as grateful as she can be for the opportunity to take part in it.

“I cannot express in words how grateful I am to be in this amazing show. The cast and crew are all wonderful people with extraordinary talent,” said Mackenzie.

A play that reflects the festive spirit and good intentions of the holiday season, A Christmas Carol is a must-see for all ages and all families.

“I think people should come see the show because it provides broadway style entertainment and it is also a great Christmas activity,” said Mackenzie.