PETA Lashes Out Against Super Bowl Halftime Show


Jarek Schmanski

PETA’s tweet Tweet from PETA displaying Jennifer Lopez wearing a feather flag and birds in a slaughterhouse.

Chase Montour, Staff Writer


The LIV Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show featured super star pop singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Most people just saw the performance as another Super Bowl halftime show, but PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, saw the halftime show as offensive to their cause.

Jennifer Lopez strutted out in a feather cap with the artwork of the Puerto Rican flag painted on it. Shortly after the halftime show, PETA tweeted out, “This flag could have been flown without killing birds. Dozens of birds were KILLED for this #SuperBowl #PepsiHalfTimeShow performance. #SuperBowlLIV”. The tweet was released with a picture of the flag Lopez was draped in, along with a picture of dead birds in a processing plant with the statement: “Birds didn’t need to die for this flag to fly”.

This is not the first time PETA has blown something out of proportion. This past year they bashed Steve Irwin on Steve Irwin day, saying that Irwin disturbed the animals in their natural habitat and that’s ultimately what got him killed. 

Senior Cole Hannenberg said that, “I can’t believe they would get so upset about something this small. I still can’t believe what they did to Steve Irwin.” People were in shock when they ripped on the crocodile hunter, as many would assume that he would be considered a god in the eyes of PETA. Many People defended Steve Irwin and got back at PETA saying things like, “Irwin has done 100 times more than you guys will ever accomplish”.

PETA was also upset that their Super Bowl ad was cut. Their advertisement depicted an assortment of animals along with a little girl taking a knee, while the “Star Spangled Banner” was hummed in the background.

PETA’s Super Bowl Ad
A bald eagle kneeling while the national anthem is playing in the background.
(Jarek Schmanski)

“It surprises me that PETA expected the NFL to play an ad, on the most watched event worldwide, that stood with Colin Kaepernick,” said senior Rossi Palomba.

The New York Times said, “Animal rights organization blames the NFL for pressuring FOX to keep its animated ad off the air during 49ers-Chiefs game”. A likelier reason why the advertisement was cut was that it took the stance of Colin Kaepernick, which the NFL has strongly disagreed with. The NFL has made Kaepernick an “untouchable” player because of his actions during the “National Anthem”. It is only a matter of time until PETA takes a stance on something that will only give them more enemies than friends.