10 Netflix Chillers

Image created by Ant Bruley

Netflix is a increasingly popular app and website that meets the needs of many horror fanatics. On October 1st, Netflix released a long list of films and TV shows titled “Netflix and Chills”. To honor the Halloween spirit Netflix so eagerly displays, here is a list of ten of the best films from that list.

10. Oculus

Oculus is an interesting movie surrounding a haunted mirror. The movie is set up in two parts; half of the time, the movie takes place in flashbacks from 11 years prior to the modern day plot. The movie depicts how the two siblings have been traumatized and tortured by this mirror and shows how they plan to deal with said demons.

9. Train to Busan

Train to Busan is a soul crushing Japanese film about passengers on an overnight train during the peak of the undead infestation. The movie centers around a father who struggles to connect with his daughter. All the while, he must directly confront the undead horde in a very claustrophobic train.

8. Life after Beth

This movie is not much of a horror, but instead a very dark romantic comedy. It is filled to the brim with comedians, such as John C. Reilly, Aubrey Plaza, and Molly Shannon. Additionally, the movie features A-list actors, including Dane DeHaan and Matthew Grey Gubler, in what seems to be the most bizarre take on the zombie apocalypse.

7. The Conjuring

The conjuring is a triple-a title that shapes the haunting style of horror movies in an innovative way. It starts with non-fiction-esque information about the main characters Ed and Lorraine Warren.

“Diabolical forces are formidable. These forces are eternal, and they exist today. The fairy tale is true. The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow,” said Warren.  

The intro sequence also include additional info about their case files on the haunting of the Perron house. The movie tells the story of how the Warren couple protects the Perron family and banishes the apparitions plaguing their household.

6. The Ritual

After the murder of their friend, a group of pals take up a journey to honor their recently deceased friend. Their journey takes them to a remote trail in Scandinavia where they encounter a whole slew of horrors and tragedies surrounding the occult traditions of the region.

5. The Void

A young man running from strangely masked men ends up in a hospital. All seems relatively normal until slug-like humanoids and whispers of the cosmic horrors fill the not-so-quite deserted setting. Although the slow start, this movie goes from zero to one hundred leading into terrifying twists and turns in this Lovecraftian horror film.

4. Hush

A deaf author living in a cozy cabin becomes a victim of a masked murder in this realistic horror film. The stalking murderer and uneasy irony paints a disturbing setting which leads to a very intense fight for survival.

3. The Shining

After the Patriarch of the Torrance family lands a job watching over a five star mountainous hotel over the harsh winter. The seclusion and uneasy spirits slowly leads the peaceful family to insanity. The shining is a critically acclaimed movie based off of the writings of Stephen King and portrayed by the esteemed director Stanley Kubrick.

2. Ravenous

A quiet Quebecian town in rural canada experiences a zombie apocalypse in a very terrifying film that portrays an unusual yet oddly believable dystopia. The film is entirely in french, but speaks to the audience through its thick plot and stunning eerie visuals.

1. The Endless

HP Lovecraft fans rejoice. This movie takes Lovecraft’s writing and crafts a fresh story about time loops, horrifying cosmic gods, and cultists that are uncannily friendly. It hurts the audiences head in just the right way with all of its trippy visuals and incomprehensible horrors. Once finished, it is in the viewers best interest to rewatch this film to fully understand how well the continuity holds up and how seamlessly the puzzling events fit together. The movie embodies one of HP Lovecraft’s most famous quotes.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown,” said Lovecraft.


…It is the peak of the spooky season and Netflix surely knows how to utilize this yearly event. The amount of movies in Netflix’s horror library is baffling. It is in a movie watchers best interest to check out this limited event before it is too late.