Letter to the Editor

Andrew Dolenga

Although I must admit I am not a regular reader of our school newspaper ‘The Kilt’, the previous articles focusing on the Highlander football team couldn’t help but catch my attention.

I respect the value of free speech and understand the importance of factual reporting.  However, several of the statements made in this article seem to be more editorial in nature than true.  

So, as a member of the varsity football team. I was compelled to respond to this article.  
First, let me assure you the varsity football team is NOT ‘demoralized.’  We are a proud group of athletes who have devoted our summer and fall to the Adams football program.  As we walk onto the field arm-in-arm each Friday night, I can assure you that we are confident we can compete and win against any of our opponents.  I know this is true, because we dedicate six days out of the week conditioning, preparing and practicing for our upcoming opponents.  I know this is true because I can see the determination in the eyes of my teammates in the huddle before every play.  I know this is true because no matter who our opponent is we have a common goal – to WIN.
          Secondly, let me assure you the Varsity football team’s soul is not crushed.  A team’s soul is not comprised of one player, one play, or even one game.  A team’s soul or character is not revealed by its success but more by how it faces adversity.  Based on this I know our soul is strong.  I know this is true because when one of our team-mates gets injured there is always another ready to take up the fight.  I know this is true because despite giving up a big play that leads to an opponent scoring, Adams will answer, grinding out a 12 play drive with skill and determination.  I know this is true because with 3:46 left in the game our offense will confidently drive down the field and score rather than simply fold. These being some of the many statistics you choose to disregard throughout your game write-ups.
         All of that said, the many statistics provided in your article show that we still have a lot of work to do.  Although practice is important it is our performance in the games that matters the most to our team and to our fans.  It is our desire to not only compete, but to WIN that has evoked my response to your article.  It is our will to fight that proves we are not demoralized or crushed, but driven to play better.
      Our Adams football team plays with grit and determination.  Our Student Section cheers with pride and enthusiasm.  And I can guarantee these two groups will remain present and prideful this coming Friday. So, everyone has a choice to make Mr. Sports Editor – are you with us or against us?  

            Andrew Dolenga
       Adams Varsity Football